David Biggs



My story with The Exercise Coach is one of hands on personal experience in how our state of the art fitness solution can impact the quality of someone’s life for the better! In February of 2009 I officially began my journey with The Exercise Coach as a client!
I worked for a manufacturing company and was a successful regional sales manager. Unfortunately I had also reached my all time high in weight, was experiencing frequent back issues and general lack of energy. I had tried to address my back issues with pain management including several different types of injections, therapy and chiropractic care. After consulting a spine specialist, I was seriously contemplating surgery at 45 years old!
Fortunately a very good friend of mine suggested I try out a new fitness program in Crown Point Indiana. She had started exercising there about 4 months earlier and really enjoyed great results. To make a long story short, I am 40 pounds lighter that I was prior to The Exercise Coach, I never had that back surgery and can enjoy playing 36 holes of golf again pain free!
The owner of the Crown Point location and I became close friends and when my 23-year career was winding down, he made me a very intriguing offer to come work with him and that led to a partnership in the Naperville studio. We never looked back and The Exercise Coach in Naperville is celebrating its fifth year in business!
My relationship with The Exercise Coach has not only been personally rewarding, but the feeling I get each and every day of impacting the quality of other people’s lives in a positive way cannot be matched! No matter what fitness level you are starting from, we have the solution!

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